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CivilMap Android available – $15 per Month!

CivilMap is a comprehensive software solution for process servers and process serving agencies which includes:

    • A smartphone process server software app for on-the-go servers
    • A robust process serving web application for office-based personnel

CivilMap stores your information without additional fees. When choosing a provider, make sure to ask.

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The CivilMap smartphone app allows the serving process to be documented with third parties as proof of service. When the service begins, the GPS location is recorded, along with a time stamp and the audio record starts.

When the process server completes the service, the information is sent to the database, checked by the office personnel, then an affidavit  is generated from the information in the database.

All the while, the record of progress can be accessible to attorneys who can follow the record in real time.

This is possible because the CivilMap smartphone app is combined with a robust and secure web server platform.  The result is an web application that dramatically increases efficiency in the process of serving, while it also reduces the chance of human error.

CivilMap streamlines the serving process with these advantages:    

  • The rules of Civil Procedure are programmable for each service
  •  Time, date and location of service verified by third parties – GPS (Global Positioning System) data with each service
  • Ability to capture conversation between server and defendant
  • Ability to attach photos and video as evidence
  • Complete reporting is generated on each attempt
  • It provides access to information as it occurs
  • Affidavits are created automatically seconds after a completed service
  • There is a systemic reduced risk of human error
  • There are alarms not only for due dates but also for court rules

  Please see the “Recognition” tab to see the many articles written about CivilMap.

A competitor is warning process servers not to use software that is owned and in use by a process serving agency. CivilMap is proud to operate a successful process serving agency, but has no plans to expand from Western Colorado. We believe without this experience we would only be guessing how to help servers with our technology. Provide CivilMap with a non-compete contract and we will sign it. 

There is a faster, easier, more efficient way – with CivilMap, the professional process serving software that combines the ease and functionality of the iPhone with an accessible, secure database web application.  Sign up to receive updates and be on our interested list  and a CivilMap representive with contact you shortly.

Please feel free to contact CivilMap if you have any questions.