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Benefits to Law Firms

With CivilMap, you access an efficient and complete process serving system, integrated with an industry-first, patent-pending iPhone or Droid application. When your process server uses CivilMap, it allows you real-time access to the database to follow the progress of services.You will benefit from the increased efficiency during the service of process while decreasing the chances for human error.

With the recent judgment in the state of New York, law firms have been identified as responsible for the conduct of the process server companies that they use. Instead of settling for an inefficient paper-based serving system developed hundreds of years ago, take advantage of today’s advanced digital technology.

I am putting all law firms on notice that they are responsible for the conduct of the companies they use to serve complaints and other legal documents. Law firms cannot turn a blind-eye to abuses perpetrated on their behalf.
– Andrew M. Cuomo, New York Attorney General

With CivilMap, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Validate the level of diligence on your services in real-time
  • Shortening collection cycle by receiving affidavits within hours of service
  • Mitigate the risk of a defendants ability to quash a service
  • The rules of Civil Procedure and special instructions programmable for each service
  • Time, date and GPS data on each attempt verified by third parties
  • Capture photos and video stamped with time, date and GPS location
  • Ability to capture the conversation between server and defendant
  • Standard operating procedure followed on each service
  • Systemic reduced risk of human error